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Your Real time Saving Predictor

Bankity is the only app that shows you in real time the impact of each expense in your finances, predicting how much money you will save according to your spending patterns

  • Savings prediction

    Bankity analizes your previous spending patterns and compares them with the recent ones, letting you know if you are saving or spending more than before.

  • Make informed decisions

    With our reports you can tell if you can spend more or if you have to slow down.

  • A chart is enough

    Bankity answers the most important question of your personal finances: Are you going to save money or not?

  • Multi-bank support

    You don't need to change your card, Bankity supports any bank with a notification system.

Completely Safe

  • No bank passwords

    Bankity syncs all your transactions WITHOUT asking for your most sensible information, your bank passwords.

  • Real time Synced

    Your wrist and/or pocket will vibrate every time you purchase something, and also you will get a push notification.

The inbox that organizes your finances

Bankity works exactly like an e-mail inbox that organizes all your bank notifications. Your Bank normally notifies you with somethink like this: "purchase of 10 USD in starbucks" Bankity gets this info and reorganices the data in a beautiful and more understandable screen.

This is also the reason why Bankity doesn’t need a bank pasword to work. Making our app very save and real-time responsive like your inbox.

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